Session work:

  • Recording
  • Weddings
  • Special events


  • Private lessons, one on one.
  • Group lessons, learn to play music in a group or with a friend.
  • Skype lessons, too far away to meet in person? Try a lesson via Skype.
  • Learn through video exchanges
  • Music appreciation for young children, I travel to preschools and daycares in my area to bring the joy of music to young children. The children will be exposed to different instruments, enjoy music and movement and learn to make homemade instruments.

Piano Tuning:

Since I was a teenager I knew I wanted to become a piano technician as well as a musician. The idea was planted into my mind by my late grandfather who was also a piano technician, Frank Morris. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away before I had the chance to learn the trade from him. I began learning while living in Ottawa through a mentor, the Piano Technician Guild and online courses. I love the intricate and delicate work of the piano, I also love the opportunity to use my physical strength and my mind together.

Check out my piano tuning website at for more information.